Krispy Kreme
Is the Gainesville Krispy Kreme donut hot light on?
January 2018 --> March 2018
NodeJS Developer
Your personal stock portfolio assistant
October 2017 --> 20 hours later
Back-End Developer
Real-Time facial emotion recognition for individuals with high functioning autism.
January 2017 --> January 2017
Maximum Maxim
Lead Developer
Darude Sandstorm on microcontroller for YHack
November 6th, 2016 --> November 8th, 2016
Political Shamer
Front End Developer
Political filter overlay for Facebook profile picture
March 2016 --> March 2016
Perfect Posture
Swift Developer
Wearable technology that shuts off computer screen when user is slouching
February 2016 --> 24 hours later
An Introduction to Quantum Computing
Paper written for PHY3101- Introduction to Modern Physics
November 2015 --> December 2015
CoFounder and Lead Developer
Worked in HackerHouse, a startup accelerator/incubator, on the bartering of services and products.
May 2015 --> August 2015
Android Developer
Native alarm clock application that donates to a charity every time you snooze the alarm
July 2015 --> 24 hours later
Useless Facts
Full-Stack Developer
Textbot which sends random facts to a selected phone number
March 2015 --> 24 hours later
UF Engineers Week 2015
Back-End Developer
Website for two-week long event where other student societies host events for engineers
December 2014 --> February 2015
Society of Automotive Engineers
Web Developer
Worked on WordPress site to hotfix.
October 2014 --> December 2014
System X Computing
Front End Developer
The equivalent to 'Hello World', this was the first programming project I had ever done.
May 2013 --> June 2013