This project was built at HackStart with the goal to allow an alarm clock to donate to a chosen charity. During development at the hackathon, the alarm clock was functional; however, the donation was only enabled to donate to the developer, which just so happened to be myself.

Despite being only halfway functional, I received an award for “Most Unique and Problem-Solving App” as the ultimate vision I had for the application was powerful.

How it broke down:

  • The alarm clock was based on open source github project,
  • The Android application was developed with android studio, along with the Venmo API
  • The database was slightly modified to keep track of the number of times the individual hit snooze, which would later be aggregated to send through the API.
  • All monetary transactions were done through Venmo

During this project I used

Java to develop most of the internal logic of the applications and SQLite for the database, as it as almost a requisite of Android. If I were to do it again, I would have stored most information locally, but also some information on our own servers; however when I developed the application, I was focused more on building everything into the application.

I also used lots of Redbull, pulling my first all-nighter at a hackathon, much thanks to the onsite Redbull vending machines.


This project was barely completed, and maybe pursued at some point in the future; however, this would be dependent on finding a charity API that would support micro-donations. Currently, the existing solution has a $10 minimum transfer amount.