In order to help provide analytics for Engineers’ Week at the University of Florida, our team was responsible for developing the mobile website as well as the mechanism used to check in each individual into over 20 different events.

The team consisted of myself and Annie Luc. At the time we were both freshman, and the two other leaders of the planning and organization were sophomores.

How it broke down:

  • The main website was build with WordPress, so we developed the processing form in PHP
  • In order to build a mobile website, we set it up to redirect to a jQuery mobile mobile responsible site.

During this project I used

The form allowed for new users or users who had already registered using a PHP form with a MySQL database storing all the responses and account queries. In order to make sure that sign-ins were tracked for each individual event; each event was supplied with an appropriate access code that the user had to put in in order to login.


This was my first real project I had done in College and it showed. We spent forever in the planning process and took too long to begin executing. I remember being assigned as a member and not starting to put in work until about a month before we needed everything to function. This meant that we had done no user testing, and we saw that the event password entry and overall navigation was slower than we initially expected.


This project was completed and reached hundreds of users. Our software was used to determine the student organization winner of the Engineers’ Week Cup (which was determined by the number of members in attendance)