Awarded most creative use of BlackRock API

Razzle is a personal financial assistant. Running on Amazon’s Echo product, Razzle could be asked to provide insights into whether or not certain stocks were a good buy, what your current investing portfolio will look like in the next year, and the ability to execute trades on behalf of your Robinhood account.

How it broke down:

  • I used the BlackRock API to get past stock performance and drew a trend line to indicate whether or not a given purchase was a good idea.
  • Given the asked for Stock and quantity of shares, Razzle would use Robinhood to execute a market order of the said quantity of shares.

During this project I used

Amazon Alexa. I wrote an Alexa skill to take various commands (known as intents) from the end user and interface with the AWS Lambda function that was running.

The BlackRock portfolio analysis API located at This API endpoint provides all valuable historical data. For this project, I made use of the trend over the past year and past threeMonths in order to predict growth of the stock.
Alexa ask Razzle should I buy Snapchat? led to a recommendation not to buy (as of October 2017).

The Robinhood private API. Robinhood currently has no public facing API and so all calls must be made through an undocumented API; luckily, there was an existing npm module at This API allowed buy orders to be executed on Robinhood from the AWS Lambda client. Alexa ask Razzle to buy 5 shares of Microsoft

All together, this functionality created Razzle, your personal financial assistant.