Meet the fellows

EDIT: No longer a current fellow


The KPCB fellows program selects the top 2% of applicants to join their portfolio companies during the summer as either an Engineer, Designer, or Product Manager. In addition, they host around 15 events which focus on intimate talks with industry leaders and entrepreneurs, usually that come from within their own family, i.e. any company that they have invested in.

There are about 80 fellows in the program, all of whom are considerably brighter than myself, with huge aspirations and a solid foundation and background.

My thoughts

I think it’s an incredible program. We received awesome waterproof jackets, free transportation to any of the events, and usually food as well. I made awesome friends and feel like I have a foot into the KPCB door if ever down the line I need advice or funding for a company, or feel comfortable reaching out if I have peer in a similar situation.