Nextdoor is a company that focuses on connecting neighbors. I often introduce it to people as similar to Facebook for your neighborhood, but it’s different than that.

You don’t get to choose who is on it, just like you don’t usually get to choose the people you’re going to be neighbors with. Nextdoor allows you to get to know your neighbors, offer up your services to your neighborhood, share tools, report on crime or suspicious activity, or just keep a tab on your neighborhood gossip while you’re out on vacation


While I was there, I got to join the Monetization team and had an absolute blast building out a full-stack Python and React app to help the advertisement operations team understand how many ads were in our inventory. I helped create an assessment and delivery mechanism to ensure that ads were being appropriately targeted and distributed to the members of Nextdoor. I did some interesting data analysis work and ate lots of snacks while doing.

How advertising works

The way ads work (as of summer 2017), is that we project the amount of views (known as impressions) that a given ad could be viewed for a certain demographic, i.e. homeowners who use iPhones and record that number. The advertising operations tells a company interested in advertising on our platform how many impressions for their given demographic we can deliver (the tool that I helped build) and then they place the order in our ad inventory system. When an impression has the opportunity of being displayed to a user in the targeted category, we record that as an impression and ultimately whether the advertising campaign over or underdelivered.


I’m going back for full time as a college new grad!